According to Wikipedia the scientific name for pommecythere is Spondias dulcis or Ambarella. This fruit is something that is common around here. When it’s young the outside is green and when ripe it’s yellowish in colour. The inside is full of pure goodness especially when eaten as is. Sometimes as children we would make a concoction we called ‘chow’. Here we would cut the fleshy inner parts into cubes and sprinkle it with salt and add pepper to taste. Pommecythere really is one of my favourite fruits.

So that being said who is Pommecythere, the photo blogger. Lovingly referred to as a ‘phototakeouter’ but I consider myself to be an avid photo-enthusiast. Started photography as a hobby a few years ago with  Sony Cybershot DSC-H2 and Sony DSC-W290 cameras . Recently bought a Nikon D3100 and began taking a couple of photography courses. Hopefully you will see the progress.  I definitely will  be making it a point to post as regularly as possible, if only because I dig this photoblog theme 🙂

Feel free to comment. I ‘heart’ positive reinforcement.

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